Let’s shape the future of travel together

amadeusWith the continuous evolution of the travel industry and the introduction of new technologies, there is never a shortage of opportunities to develop and improve the industry, making the experience more compelling for travelers.

Amadeus was originally created as an independent and neutral global distribution system, enabling airlines to sell seats more easily, more cost effectively and with greater international reach. It was the beginning of a journey to shape the future of travel.

It took vision, innovation and the development of great technology to make our distribution platform successful. These key attributes remain at the heart of what we do today, not only in the airline industry but also in e-commerce, search, hotels, rail, and the airport IT areas, among others.

Our company is a lot bigger now, but we’re still focused on the future and on playing a leading role in driving our industry forward. Our ambition is to facilitate the entire travel journey from door-to-door while improving the travel experience. We have more than 11,000 individuals in 200 countries excited about and working toward this ambition.

We believe the future of travel requires Amadeus and our customers and partners to work together to deliver a travel experience, which will be more personalized, connected and sustainable. Travelers will expect this of our industry. We would like to facilitate conversations in the industry about how we can make this happen by connecting industry players in the value chain, leveraging big data, and providing a positive contribution to society.

I invite you to visit our dedicated site to learn more about how we, our customers and travelers envision the future of travel, and also to see the changes we have made to our visual identity, which projects our purpose to shape the future of travel in collaboration with our customers and other industry players.

Originally published on the Amadeus corporate blog.


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