New partnership with ETC to promote Europe as a tourism destination

TourismTechnology is being called upon to help drive tourism in Europe under a recently announced strategic partnership between Amadeus and the European Travel Commission (ETC).

The collaborative efforts of the new partnership will support the “Destination Europe 2020” strategy, a joint initiative between the European Commission and ETC to strengthen the image of Europe in long-haul markets through promotional activities and the implementation of new technologies in cooperation with major industry stakeholders.

Amadeus and ETC will cooperate in three main areas including technology delivered in the form of the VisitEurope mobile search app; joint trend research initiatives; and organization of educational programs to realize the potential to attract more visitors to Europe.

Amadeus announced the provision of the VisitEurope app in November 2013. The app, developed in partnership with the ETC, focuses on not only inspiring travelers but helps them plan their trip from start to finish.

“We are glad to work together with key industry representatives who share with us our common goal of promoting Destination Europe,” said Peter De Wilde, President, ETC. “I am convinced that this partnership will help us to safeguard Europe’s position as top travel destination with proper knowledge gathering and sharing and skillfully bringing together private and public efforts.”

Amadeus will contribute with its technology solutions and its knowledge of the European travel industry, while ETC will bring in the local knowledge of its 33 National Tourism Organization members.

For more information, you can find the full press release here.


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