Shaping the future of travel in North America

Happy hikerTechnology is enabling travelers to receive more relevant choices, across multiple devices, in increasingly efficient means. This move toward mobile flexibility points travel to a more personalized, connected, and sustainable future. Suppliers and intermediaries will leverage this technology to grow revenue per customer and will look for partners to help their business harness technology to innovate, optimize their businesses and ultimately, satisfy and delight travelers.

As we talk to our customers, we understand they’re looking for some important qualities in their technology partners:

Experienced, professional people. Companies trust people who have longevity in the travel technology business, know the best practices, and have a track record of success.
A customer-focused culture. The management team of the partner should know that their business is driven from enabling their customers’ success. This drives responsiveness and investment aligned with customer needs.
Resources. It still takes money to make money and a partner needs to have the capital to make investments that anticipate where the market is headed and keep customers ahead of the game.

The strength behind Amadeus

At Amadeus, we are working hard to be the technology partner of choice in this market. Our growth is evidence of the company’s progress toward this goal. At a time when our competitors are laying off their experienced people, we are retaining our base of experience and growing our team. We added more than 150 people to our North American team this past year. We want to shape the future of travel – and we are putting money and resources behind that commitment.

People and their experience are the fundamental assets of the business. Employee seniority is a strength, not a weakness. These are the people who know the challenges our customers face every day, the people who know how to optimize availability caches, build complex connectivity solutions, debug interfaces, and have seen success and failure with technology implementations and won’t repeat the latter.

Investment meets collaboration

Amadeus is also fortunate to have a growing profitable business that allows us to invest in our infrastructure and to not fear technical change. For instance, the IATA NDC initiative will require a large investment in airline and agency IT platforms. We don’t fear this, but instead work to understand the need behind it and how we can utilize NDC concepts to create value for airlines, agencies, and our shareholders. We don’t just see the bigger picture; we like to think that we have a big role in painting it as a technology leader. And we have the confidence in our teams and customers to figure this out together, even if we don’t know the answer when we start. When experienced, passionate and collaborative people engage on a problem, good results usually follow.

How are you shaping the future of travel? Let us know!


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