Social media and your biz: Get in the game with social media advertising

socialSocial media advertising has really become a staple of many marketers media mix in 2014. But what is it exactly? How do I get in the game for 2015?

Social media advertising is a particular segment of marketing that utilizes Internet’s social platforms to deliver commercial messages to potential consumers. Depending on the platform, you can utilize their self-service ad tools to create ads that are distributed based on consumer’s information gathered on their profile. With geo-targeting, behavioral and social-psychographic targeting options, social media advertising allows you to get your brand and message out to a broader audience.

While you’re fine-tuning your social media marketing strategy for 2015, and analyzing which platform is best to use, start with the major networks and see what works best for your biz.


Under the ads manager option on Facebook, you can create targeted ads that reflect your brand and help you target those followers that have the potential to be interested in the services you offer.

  • Define your audience: Who do you want to reach? You can promote your page to build your audience or promote a post for engagement. With the geo, interest and behavior targeting feature, you can really get specific on targeting offers based on what the consumer may be interested in. Try targeting ads based on an area with an offer exclusive to your market. Hone in on a specific interest like cruising or business travel. This will help get the right message to the right person and limit your spending.
  • Test messaging and images: When creating your campaign, you can add different ads and images so that you can see what particular images and messages are most receptive to your audience. Monitor these and set up a goal to continue to tweak and adjust these based on wins.


On Twitter, you can create targeted ads that will help you build your brand and gain more followers.

  • Targeting: Similar to Facebook, you can reach the right audience by targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device, or users similar to your followers. Try to leverage the relevancy of your message by using like keywords and hashtags that appear in people’s tweets.
  • Use images: It is no surprise that people like images, even on Twitter. Many marketers have reported that using images on Twitter leads to increase in retweets. Try using some engaging relevant images that will hook your potential audience and get the brand engagement you’re looking for.

Getting in the game is easier than you think. Don’t forget to start simple and test, test, test.

Got a successful social media ad campaign? Or have more suggestions? Share your thoughts with the class.


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