4 ways travel brands can use Meerkat & Periscope

MvsPSince the launch of mobile live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope, brands have been all over it. Early adopters like DKNY, General Electric, L’Oréal Paris USA, Mashable, Nissan and Verizon use the apps to creatively engage with audiences and build brand awareness.

While similar, Meerkat and Periscope have slightly different streaming models. Meerkat’s iOS and Android app lets you instantly stream live video directly to Twitter. Viewers can add comments, retweet and favorite the stream, which is displayed in the app and on Twitter.

On the flip side, Periscope is available on iOS and Android, and you can choose to share your live stream on Twitter. Viewers can write comments, which are displayed on the video rather than posted as tweets.

Countless non-travel brands are double-dipping in Meerkat and Periscope to connect with audiences. Travel marketers can also seize the opportunity to build their brands with these apps. Here are a few ways to add mobile live stream to your marketing mix.

Industry events                                         

If you’re attending an event, like cruise3sixty or GBTA, your target audience may or may not be present. At an industry event, you can live stream demos, sessions, keynotes and tradeshow glory – and involve your Twitter community. At last week’s cruise3sixty, Amadeus toured the tradeshow floor and gave viewers an insider’s view of all the activity, from booth designs and Q&As, to demo presentations.




Product launches

Southwest Airlines is no stranger to live stream. The carrier recently unveiled its new Boeing 737 jet, Missouri One, on Periscope, sharing the LUV via a live interview with the chief pilot. This was a smart move by Southwest, because live streamed product launches and interviews increase transparency and reinforce industry expertise. In addition, fans and consumers appreciate live channels where they can ask questions, knowing they will get answers in real-time.




Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes view of a brand in action. JetBlue Airways has started live streaming its Live from T5 concert series, a treat for both customers on the ground and around the world.  



You can also use live stream to tour your company’s headquarters, showcase office celebrations, and introduce employees. For example, consumers love to see who is booking their 10-day vacation to Bali, and what a “day in the life” of a travel company looks like. Embrace brand transparency through storytelling and invite your audience into your business.

Travel promos

Preparing to launch a travel sweepstakes or contest giveaway? Once you’ve built a following on Meerkat or Periscope, reward your customers with an offer they can receive only through live streams. Before the promo launches, tease your audience on all social platforms, keeping them engaged and tuned in to your videos.

Meerkat and Periscope unlock countless opportunities to engage your audience and show a different, fresh side of your business. Proceed with caution, however. As with any new social media platform, make sure you properly plan and execute your strategy, ensuring the live stream does not compromise your brand’s reputation. And even though the “cool kids” are using it, don’t get caught up in following the crowd. The key is to exercise sound planning, while thinking outside the box, to expand your reach and engage with key audiences.

Now that you know more, what is your next live stream opportunity?



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