Building a more rewarding journey for future traveler tribes

FTT2030report-223x300In our first study, Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding tomorrow’s traveller, we identified six different traveler segments that will shape the future of travel through to the end of the next decade.

For the next phase of this research, we launched a report today at our airline customer event celebrated in Bangkok, entitled Building a more rewarding journey. Developed by Frost & Sullivan, the report seeks to answer the critical questions of ‘how will purchasing habits evolve?’ and how can the airline industry respond to these emerging traveler behaviors to build a more rewarding and connected traveler journey, from ‘inspiring to arriving’?

By mapping future traveler behaviors to the traveler journey this second paper offers practical advice for airlines seeking to better understand, prepare for, and cater to, emerging traveler segments.

Of course even though the paper is aimed squarely at the airline traveler journey, the findings will still be useful for players within the broader global travel ecosystem. For example, the research highlights essential areas for greater collaboration with travel management intermediaries and suppliers to deliver a more rewarding journey for both the traveler and the industry.

Indeed, whether you are considering questions such as ‘what level of personalization should we offer?’ or ‘how can we improve the purchasing experience?’ we hope this paper provides a comprehensive framework to support your strategic planning.

We at Amadeus look forward to hearing your feedback on this research so that together we can help shape the future of travel to 2030 and beyond.

Download the Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Building a more rewarding journey report, and have a look at the Periscope recording of the presentation of the report. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or tweeting us with the hashtag #Tribes2030.

Originally published on the Amadeus corporate blog.


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