Conquering the burden of last minute changes for business travelers

In the business world, change, especially at the last minute, can have a rippling effect costing precious time and money. It is no wonder that making a change to a booking was rated as the No.3 pain-point in a survey we conducted of 3,000 travelers worldwide. This coupled with the fact that 10 percent of tickets are changed at least once (Source: ATPCO), makes it clear that ticket changes are a serious burden for business travelers.

We understand that modifications in business travel plans need to be as pain free as possible. We are facilitating the traveler’s life now by enabling these changes online with regular enhancements in our Amadeus e-Travel Management corporate booking tool.

Amadeus Ticket Changer (in Amadeus e-Travel Management) avoids the hassle of having to make an offline call, thanks to fast, accurate, and reliable fare recalculation and exchange, for tickets and itineraries in over 150 markets worldwide.

This means flexibility to change flights, even on a short notice, with easy and intuitive online modifications for business travelers and travel arrangers. In parallel, corporations control their costs better and ensure overall efficiency.

Business travelers and travel arrangers can now deal with modifications to travel in an easy and intuitive manner. Have a look at this infographic and video for more information about this time saving solution.


Originally published on the Amadeus corporate blog.


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