Shaping the future of airline success

We are living in a digital age in which the travel experience is constantly evolving and heavily rooted in technology. Today’s traveler is savvier than ever and seeks fast, simple, reliable solutions for their travel-based needs. Naturally, the key to meeting higher consumer standards and enhancing the travel experience as a whole lies in the ability of travel providers to integrate modern-day technology solutions into their products – a concept at the heart of the Amadeus modus operandi.

Recently, two of our executives, Julia Sattel (Sr. Vice President, Airline IT), and John Dabkowski (Vice President, Airline Commercial, Airline IT) met with Carol Hallett, Counselor to the US Chamber of Commerce, to discuss our commitment to improving airline technology solutions in North America. The interview highlights some of the integral functionalities that Amadeus is already addressing with customers in the region, including personalization, the significant impact of technology on both the traveler and the journey itself, as well as our ability to encompass the needs of global markets. As John and Julia state in the video, “technology is the backbone of the customer experience” and “no one invests in innovation more than Amadeus.”

Through compelling and innovative technology solutions, and by employing a more customer-centric approach that focuses on eliminating the everyday hassles and boundaries faced by consumers, Amadeus is ready to engage with the global marketplace and poised to shape the future of travel.



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