Sweet relief: NEW Amadeus breakthrough solution tackles ticket exchanges & debit memos

ROI savingsTravel agents have a passion for delivering memorable trips and serving the needs of travelers. Dealing with hours of confusing airline ticket exchanges and costly debit memos? Not so much. Well, relief has finally arrived!

Today marks the launch of the industry’s first all-in-one airline ticket exchange solution: Amadeus Exchange Relief. This new solution streamlines ticket exchanges for travel agents, offering three choices for processing, including the first and only full service option available in the marketplace.

“Complex, costly and confusing ticket exchanges and resulting debit memos are among the biggest pain points for agencies and have never really been tackled until now. With Amadeus Exchange Relief, agents can now process ticket exchanges with ease, speed and confidence and without the worries of incurring costs,” said Vic Pynn, Chief Operating Officer, Amadeus North America.

Airline ticket exchanges and debit memos have been a longstanding and frequently costly challenge for agencies.  According to the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), in 2014 nearly one-half million debit memos worth $138 million were issued. Amadeus U.S. agencies revealed in a sample poll that they spent, on average, 18+ hours a week just dealing with ticket exchanges.

“It’s fantastic that Amadeus is providing a solution for agents designed specifically for the purpose of reducing memos,” said Mike Premo, ARC’s president and CEO.

Amadeus Exchange Relief delivers faster and simpler processing while virtually eliminating debit memos related to exchanges. The solution offers three servicing options that can be used based on specific exchange circumstances and/or an agent’s need at the time: “Do It Automatically,” “Do It For Me,” and “Do It Myself.”

“I’ve never seen anything like Amadeus Exchange Relief before. The two things I like most are the huge time savings, and the fact that Amadeus stands behind their work – that’s a huge stress reliever. I literally put in the information I need – and Amadeus takes care of the rest,” said Tonia Valentine, Corporate Travel Advisor, Aladdin Travel.

And since seeing is believing, agencies can check out their own potential savings simply by entering some basic information into the Amadeus Exchange Relief ROI Calculator available online.

Amadeus Exchange Relief is currently available for U.S. travel agencies with rollout in Canada to follow.



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