VIDEO: ARC President Mike Premo endorses Amadeus Exchange Relief

Watch the latest video endorsement from Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) President & CEO Mike Premo on Amadeus Exchange Relief, which aims to simplify and streamline ticket exchanges and reduce airline debit memos (ADMs).

Premo applauds Amadeus North America’s homegrown solution that solves one of the biggest pain points for agencies.

He also praised Amadeus’ participation in ARC’s Debit Memo Working Group, a unique, collaborative project created by ARC, bringing together representatives from agencies, airlines and GDSs to tackle issues around debit memos resulting from ticket exchanges and other root causes.

Thank you, ARC, for being a true industry partner, empowering a teamwork approach, and working diligently to help the industry tackle a complex problem. Together, we can shape the future of travel.


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