Digital marketing on steroids: Clickz San Francisco shapes the future of marketing

digital marketingThis year, I attended the Clickz conference held in San Francisco, Calif. Crisp, refreshing and always invigorating, San Francisco was the prime spot to introduce and cultivate new ideas, innovation and tactics. From mountainous views and redwoods to cable cars and crab cakes, San Francisco’s culture, energy and tranquility helped foster learning and growth for hungry marketers.

So, are you looking to reinvigorate your digital marketing plans and unleash new strategies that reach new channels and audiences? Check out my key takeaways than can build engagement and increase brand presence.


Mobile continues to be a leading topic at conferences, and Clickz San Francisco was no different. With the average person checking their phone about 150 times a day, mobile is the only channel that ‘time spent on’ is growing versus TV, radio and magazines. And this channel is more demanding. – @vbayata, Ikea

  • Define a strategy that sets your agency or business apart. Do you want to drive revenue or engagement? Whatever it is, keep it simple, relevant and integrated with your other marketing channels.
    Tip: Consumers are more receptive to interaction, improved experience and instant gratification. Whether it is a new app or redesigning your site to accommodate mobile users, users tend to be more educated, connected and lighthearted.

Content marketing

Content marketing is about delivering the right message, to the right person via the right medium at the right place and at the right time. – @AlexmWalz, Apptentive. It’s a mouth full but completely on point. Awesome content marketing is about delivering a message where and when consumers want to receive it without even them knowing they needed it.

  • Get to know your customer segments and what problem they need solved.
    Tip: Maybe they are nostalgic and are thinking about an adventurous family reunion? Use geo location mobile advertising to target locations and get that right message to them at the right time.
  • Good meaningful content is key. Also try targeting snackable content that focuses on addressing your customer needs.
  • And don’t forget to test, track, measure, learn, improve!

Video marketing

As Matt Levy from @Brufton presented, video marketing allows you to quickly and informatively entertain your audience while driving a substantial strong brand message.

  • Videos help build brand awareness, drive traffic and engagement, thought leadership, promotion, credibility and conversion.
  • Start with corporate videos that describe the nature and structure of your business. Interview employees and CEOs with lots of footage to repurpose for future efforts.
  • Show your personality, relevance and corporate lifestyle to help build a humanistic tone.
  • Keep videos under a minute to increase views and engagement.

Kudos to @Clickz for the informative sessions and to the above speakers for their insight, innovation and for being leaders in helping shape the future of marketing.
Have any new marketing tips? Share with us!


  1. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways in which we can benefit our client’s businesses through their digital efforts. Excellent post I want to thank you for this informative read.

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