How small TAs can succeed in the online world

social mediaThe evolution of the Internet – and particularly social media and smartphones – have radically changed the world of marketing and how business professionals communicate with and market to consumers.

However, there is still a significant amount of companies investing large portions of their budgets in traditional methods of marketing (print, TV, radio, etc.). If we instead simply consider the vast amount of time that we spend in front of our computers or our smartphones, it is clear that the game has changed and there is an entire new frontier of marketing opportunities.

The late bird can still get the worm!

In October, Amadeus account and market management teams gathered more than 30 of our West Coast customers located in the Los Angeles area for workshops on online marketing, social media and mobile technologies.

Few travel agencies that have adopted digital new marketing strategies at its early stages have become some of the most successful online travel companies in the world. However, competing with the big players who spend billions in search marketing campaigns has turned out to be nearly impossible for smaller-budget agencies. Many of our small-medium customers get discouraged when they try to move to the online arena.

Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities, especially in the field of social media and mobile marketing, where small to medium customers have a chance to earn a significant ROI if they employ the right strategy to their campaign.

Becoming an online playersocial media

During the workshops, we explained (from A to Z) all of the elements needed to sell successfully via online channels. From the basics for building a website and mobile app to implementing a booking engine using Amadeus e-Power or Amadeus Web Services, we outlined how to develop a strategy for online success. Also to note, we showed them how the leading OTAs, meta searcher and airlines develop SEO and SEM for their overall strategy. Furthermore, we focused on the specific strategies within the social media and mobile marketing realms in which our customers have the opportunity to maximize their exposure and in turn have the best chances to succeed.

These workshops are eye-openers for our customers – whether they have a brick & mortar business model with zero online presence or have recently implemented an online booking engine but are struggling with acquiring traffic to their site. Even medium OTAs benefit from this consultation, as many of them have not adopted any social media strategy.

From consultation to success

The vast majority of the customers who attended showed great interest in the program and truly appreciated that Amadeus can point them in the right direction.

I encourage all of our small and medium travel agencies to engage with our consultative approach, as it is our goal to equip you with the necessary tools for growth. Our online marketing and social media workshops are the first step in building an online marketing strategy and shaping a successful future.


Do you have a social media strategy in place or need help in boosting your agency’s online presence? Please contact our consulting team:


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