I dream of travel: 3 wearable travel tech ideas of the future

yamnisaAs a new year begins, the excitement of the tech possibilities always fuels innovation and creativity. In the last couple of years, we have seen the emergence of an array of wearable technology, including smart watches, fitness tracking bands, clothes that can charge devices, and virtual reality headsets that have revolutionized the way we use technology in our everyday lives. However, all of this new gear is only scratching the surface of how we can use wearable travel tech. As a travel junkie, I would love to see how wearables can enhance my traveling experiences, so here are a few ideas (listen up R&D)!

Clothed in Wi-Fi

I traveled around Europe last summer, and while exploring Italy’s picturesque Tuscan landscapes or underground in the Paris metro system, there was no cell service. We have all been there! When I needed to use the map app to get to our beautiful little villa in the breathtaking tiny town of only 30 people called Ilci, or my online translator to ask for directions in Paris, there was no such luck without this wonderful technology! A personal Wi-Fi router could solve all my troubles. I could simply reload it online and reuse for all of my travels. With a personal pre-paid Wi-Fi router doubling as a button, pendant, or any small removable item on my clothes, I would never have to worry.

parisMap my route

Map apps could only take me so far at nighttime when all of the small cobblestone streets began to look very similar. Thinking back to my time in Paris, a built-in shoe route tracker could have been my best friend through all those nights of wandering around for hours trying to find my way back to the metro station. Like the built-in sensors that track your fitness performance in many popular sneakers, this pathway-remembering sensor can be connected to an app on your smartphone so you can see the original route you took to get you home safely.


Don’t sweat the forecast

Being in London for the first time was mesmerizing, but not knowing the area like a local is definitely a challenge. The sudden temperature drops and random rain showers made it difficult to prepare for exploring all day. If I had a sweater or coat that could detect weather patterns, the coat could have notified me of an exact ETA for rain, which could potentially give me enough time to reach shelter from an outdoor activity or from roaming its legendary streets. In addition, I think the best part of a coat like this would be if it could alter its material to act as a raincoat instead of a light sweater.



What new wearable tech would you like to see in the near future?


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