5 travel reports that made headlines in 2015

Infographic of Mobile-App Empowered Traveller

The Rise of the Mobile-App Empowered Traveler
There seems to be an app for every phase of travel – from inspiration to arrival. But, how far have mobile apps really come in the past few years? We decided to explore this question and some of our findings, which you can see in this infographic, to show just how dramatic the growth of mobile apps in the travel industry has been.

Amadeus cloud availability infographic

Solving the challenge of ever increasing flight search volumes
Amadeus Airline Cloud Availability was developed to face the challenges of an industry revolutionized by digital shopping. This infographic depicts how our new solution helps increase airline revenues by capturing every sales opportunity.

Amadeus easyJet infograhic

How low cost carriers can grow in the corporate travel market
How can low cost and hybrid carriers continue their high passenger growth rates and shore up their yields? By focusing more on the business traveler, easyJet recognized the potential of this market early on and this infographic shows how they were able to break into corporate travel with Amadeus.


Anna’s Journey
For Anna, personalization means a more comfortable and efficient corporate travel experience. Just how different can her trip be when facilitated by personalization? This travel industry infographic tells a story about Anna’s journey and the contrast between a personalized and non-personalized travel experience.

Valentine's day Top 10 cities of love

Valentine’s Day search trends reveal top 10 cities of love
Our travel industry data analysis revealed several interesting Valentine’s Day trends including booking times and locations. This infographic delves into some of the more interesting findings about the travel trends during this time.

Did we miss any infographics that you think should be included? Which was your favorite?


Originally published on the Amadeus corporate blog.


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