Nice is right there, if you take our challenge

How wel07-12-A-engl do you know Amadeus and the travel industry? Step into the Amadeus Kingdom where you can test your knowledge and compete for a destination experience of a lifetime.

Launching today on the Apple Store and Google play, the Amadeus Kingdom app is an online game in which travel professionals compete against each other, showing their knowledge on tourism and Amadeus’ solutions. Besides enjoying lots of interaction and fun, the best player will be win a trip to the technological headquarters of Amadeus, in Nice, in the heart of the French Riviera.*

The travel market is composed of experts in destinations, airlines, hotels, cars, fares, technology and, of course, travelers. The most complete professional is the one who builds knowledge around each of these items of the tourism supply chain. Now, such notions not only allow you to position yourself as a specialist in the sector, but they also allow you to enjoy a trip to Nice.

Amadeus Kingdom has seven categories that will be chosen randomly by the system. You can play “face-to-face” against a single opponent, or a duel against a maximum of 08-12-B-engfour players. By correctly answering the questions and winning the rounds you
will accumulate points in the overall ranking, and that can take you to the French Riviera.

By scoring victories in the duels, you will receive badges that also mean points in the race for the trip. You can challenge your colleagues and even create your own questions to make their path to Europe even harder.

The launch of Amadeus Kingdom coincides with the trend toward an increase in the use of games for companies to present their brands and concepts. We know that the travel industry players are closely connected to technology. So we are in the perfect environment to gather tourism agents and other professionals in this pleasant recreation.

Shaping the future of travel also means offering new ways of entertainment to people who work in this exciting industry. This is the spirit that made Amadeus Kingdom a reality.

Are you ready to play?


*Terms and conditions


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