The Boston Consulting Group improves travel experience with new mobile app

Travelers working for international companies are often faced with extremely demanding schedules, flight delays, gate changes, or last-minute shifts in plans.

We wanted to create a smoother experience for BCG’s travelers, so empowering them with the ability to fully manage their trips was of utmost importance. As such, we teamed up with Amadeus to launch an itinerary management app for iOS, BCG-branded, which is available to our entire workforce worldwide.

Designed by the BCG Global Travel team, myBCGTrip is a cutting-edge mobile itinerary management app, based on the Amadeus Mobile Platform, which offers access to all trip details, easy check-in, calendar synchronization, flight notifications and instant alternatives when plans change. With the app, rebooking only takes a single tap that connects our travelers directly to their usual travel agent. Booked trips are also automatically linked to the traveler’s profile within the app.

Amadeus was a great partner that worked closely with the Boston Consulting Group Global Travel team to tailor the app to our requirements and deliver a personalized travel experience in accordance with our business needs.

We look forward to further working with Amadeus to continue to strive to perfect our mobile strategy.

Originally published on the Amadeus corporate blog


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