Seasons change and so do digital marketing trends

webimage-A63BF909-4065-4188-9784B9CAB0620F66As snow begins to melt and the season changes, so should our digital marketing strategy. The transformation to spring is not just a time for ditching sweaters and peeling off the layers, it’s also a time to get on track with this year’s emerging digital marketing trends.

With so many channels to keep track of, however, it’s hard to determine what is key to making your digital marketing strategy sizzle. Not to worry! We’ve taken the time to research emerging trends in 2017 so you won’t have to.

Here are three digital marketing trends to consider.

Content marketing still holds the crown

It’s no surprise that content marketing continues to lead digital marketing trends in 2017. A recent report from Smart Insights emphasizes that placing your content across a combination of channels can really drive your message to your customers home. On your new polished web pages, relay your message through rich media content that includes video, infographics and more personalization. So basically, in an extension of that ever-popular saying: A picture and/or video, is worth a thousand words.

You can’t be everywhere (But with marketing automation you can sure try!)

For the past several years, marketing automation has been a focus for marketers creating their digital strategy, and that trend continues in 2017. Marketing automation allows you to be many places at once. Automated messages can be created based on either a behavioral online action or a CRM trigger. Clickz has a great beginner’s guide for those that have not yet started a strategy that includes marketing automation. The guide offers quick steps to help you structure your automation program.

Let’s get social

A dynamic social marketing strategy really packs a punch when it comes to reach and getting your message across to prospective buyers, and this trend is no different in 2017. With rising technology and new players, popular apps like Snap will be rolling out new marketing opportunities which could create a ripple compared to some of the larger social platforms. In the meantime, focus on content and making your audience feel like they’re in the moment with you, says Forbes.

Other notable areas and emerging trends in 2017 include Account Based Marketing (ABM) for B2B companies, search engine optimization with Google’s new mobile indexing, and paid search marketing.

Do you have any ideas concerning marketing trends that your business is leveraging? Share your thoughts.


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