Innovation and the six themes that drive it at Amadeus

As consumers, professionals and travelers, we live in a whirlwind of technology whose complexity we often don’t realize, especially when everything works well and as it should.

In this fast moving environment, innovation comes from all sides and angles, from a startup working on a specific algorithm all the way through to an established player launching a new end-to-end solution. Foreseeing the impact specific technologies and trends will have, knowing where to start, what to focus on and how to structure your approach to innovation can become a difficult puzzle to resolve.

This highlights the critical role technology providers play in the travel landscape and how important it is to be able to blend vision with proven expertise in integrating different pieces of the puzzle so they can become a thriving ecosystem. At Amadeus, we are looking closely at the industry and beyond it to create new opportunities that can propel the industry forward. We believe we can play a pivotal role in helping airlines and other travel industry players make sense of the latest innovations and the opportunities they represent for our industry.

In this video, Katherine Grass, Head of Innovation & Ventures at Amadeus, discusses Amadeus’ experimental approach to innovation and how we organize innovation under six key themes. Check out the video below and get a sneak peek into some of the key initiatives we’re focusing on!


Originally published on the Amadeus Corporate blog.


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