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shutterstock_629452463I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Premier Summit at CLIA Cruise360, the industry’s annual conference for cruise travel professionals, partners and suppliers. Also joining me by video was Amadeus’ humanoid robot of the future, Pepper. The question we explored together was: How can travel retailers attract more Generation X, Y and Z customers, given that 77 percent of them have never stepped foot in a travel agency?

Reaching the untapped two-thirds

Today’s Baby Boomer-era travel retailers find themselves at a crossroads. Their key challenge is to understand what makes tech-savvy Gen X, Y and Z customers tick. Making the shift requires creative innovations and technologies that resonate with these high-tech, high-touch Millennials.

One such idea is the travel experience store.

Much like a virtual or in-person visit to the Apple Store, the goal of the travel experience store is to make travel irresistibly engaging, interactive and fun. A travel experience store perfectly blends the human touch with the latest digital technologies. Interactive screens, videos and virtual reality kiosks enable potential buyers to learn about new locations by “inserting” themselves into the travel experience. The customer’s prospective “travel story” comes alive, leading him or her to take action and make a purchase.

Turning experiences into journeys

Today’s travelers are driving change and forcing Baby Boomer generation travel retailers to re-think and evolve their business models to meet new challenges. In response, travel retailers must evolve too, adopting new ways to interact with travelers. Amadeus’ research report, “The Travel Retailer of the Future,” shows you how! The future is yours to decide – and this is just the beginning. So, let’s shape the future of travel together.

What innovative solutions are you using to draw NextGen travelers into a dynamic, authentic travel experience?


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