Avianca is the first airline in Latin America to join Amadeus’ NDC-X program

economy-cabin-a320-highNew Distribution Capability (NDC) seems to be the top buzzword of 2018, and for good reason. More now than ever, travelers are looking for enhanced personalized products, and travel providers are adapting to meet their expectations. And Amadeus understands the value and urgency to provide airlines with the technology and platforms to reach a wide range of travelers and make the booking experience as seamless as possible.

In light of this evolution, we are pleased to say bienvenidos to Avianca, the first airline in Latin America to implement the Amadeus Altéa NDC solution. Under the new agreement, Avianca can provide its travel agency and metasearch customers a wider breadth of products. In addition, the solution will enable the airline’s omni-channel approach and expand its reach to more metasearch engines, travel agencies and technology providers.

“Amadeus Altéa NDC will allow us to offer our customers an enriched content of products and services,” says Silvia Mosquera Executive VP of Sales & Marketing at Avianca. “To start with, we will use Amadeus Altéa NDC to make our content available directly on Skyscanner’s desktop and mobile channels. Then we expect to extend the solution to other partners in our ecosystem.”

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