Innovation took off at the Airline Executive Summit in Prague

At the most recent Airline Executive Summit (AES) in Prague, leaders around the world presented groundbreaking ideas on the continued digitalization of the industry. With 93 airlines and more than 300 executives represented, the AES provided valuable insights from industry leaders on how to simplify the traveler journey, offer a more personalized experience, and of course maximize revenues through innovation.

Rashesh Jethi, Head of Innovation for Airlines, delivered a very inspirational presentation around the culture of innovation and what it means for our airline customers. In addition, Jethi presented how Mixed Reality can significantly transform the way airports and airlines handle their operations & performance.


Blink is a new prototype which uses the agent’s vision to perform baggage handling and reconciliation. Any bag in the agent’s field of view is identified, its system characteristics are retrieved and its physical location is stored. It is completely hands free.


The innovation corner composed of an Artificial intelligence (AI) booth and several prototypes from our portfolio, sparked numerous conversations.

Artificial intelligence in travel

AI is more than a buzzword: artificial intelligence and particularly machine learning are becoming the main drivers of technology and will continue to transform our industry. From dynamic pricing with customer choice modelling, seat allocation to reinforcement learning for revenue management, the “AI at Amadeus” booth generated significant traffic.

The end of revenue management systems as we know them?

Conventional Revenue Management Systems (RMS) are based on mathematical models, which rely on human expertise and are usually slow to adapt in dynamic markets. At Amadeus, our researchers are working on the next gen of RMS by using an AI technic called Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Being model-free by nature, the system can make use of any given information and learns by interacting with the market through exploratory actions.

Our teams were recognized at the AGIFORS Revenue Management held in Hong Kong this May and soon this Machine Learning method will make its way to Amadeus existing products.

Prototypes leveraging the Amadeus Digital Experience Suite

According to the World Economic Forum, PC usage is currently on its decline. Travelers are actively using their mobile devices for search and inspiration, but they still prefer to book their flight tickets using larger screens. We see that only 15% of flight bookings are actually made on smartphones.

In conjunction to that, the popularity of Smart TVs has been multiplied by six since 2010 and it will steadily grow in the coming years. Smart TV purchasing is skyrocketing, and in the first six months of 2017, 59% of the world’s sold TVs were Smart TVs. For the Asian market, the number goes up to 89%.

How can we improve the mobile booking experience by taking advantage of Smart TVs?

Smart TV Retailing, showcased for the first time at the AES, is an Amadeus prototype which enables your mobile screen to extend to the nearest larger display. From inspiration, flight shopping, to making a payment, Smart TV Retailing offers a seamless and unique mobile experience with adapted and inspiring visuals.

From an airline perspective, it allows differentiation, a reinforcement of brand perception, and provides its end users with a unique shopping and booking experience through a single application, while growing conversion rate and revenues.

prague5 prague6 prague7

What about conversational commerce?

Voice interfaces are not a new direction, they are the next step in user experience.

According to comScore report, by 2020, 50% of all search will be via voice technology.

Voice assistants are addressing travelers’ needs in a whole new way. The booking of a flight becomes something which can be done while doing other tasks. But we also view voice assistants as life-changing user interfaces (UI) for those who can’t adapt to visual UIs.

Voice assistants can extend the power of computing to people who are unable to use screens and keyboards.

Nimbus Conversational Commerce, which is in the process of being integrated to Smart TV Retailing, is a travel assistant which could transform completely the way you book flights, receive at destination information, and complete the check-in process.prague8


How can we increase the passenger processing speed to cope with the doubling of air passengers by 2036? How can we know passengers better while respecting data privacy and security? And how can we provide a secure and frictionless travel across the entire travel chain while significantly increasing customer satisfaction?

All these questions are being addressed by Amadeus Digital Traveler Identity which’s goal is to make traveling abroad as simple as a walk in your neighborhood.

Digital Traveler Identity aims to provide a Digital Identity Management solution allowing a frictionless and secure travel across the entire travel chain. Less queuing and more time relaxing? I think we’re all in!

A big thank you to our customers, partners and dedicated Amadeus innovators for a successful 2018 Airline Executive Summit. Stay tuned!


  1. Get the selection window closer to the size of Google Glass and the bag reconciliation sounds fantastic! Maybe put all the ‘guts’ into a 3/4 ring that hangs onto the neck instead of the headband?

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