5 ways to create your dream travel career

hotelblog1Congratulations! You’ve just landed a plum position at MyNewJob.com. As a new employee, you’re excited about advancing your career, or even owning your own business someday. Here are some tried-and-true tips from Amadeus employees to help you create the career you’ve always dreamed about.

  1. Understand how your strengths support the team. Working at a company is like playing on a football team. All teammates share the same responsibility: to help the company succeed. Different players bring different strengths to the table. Some may throw the ball, while others catch or block the opposition. No matter the role, how well you perform affects the entire team’s success. Amadeus uses Gallup-certified strengths coaching to help employees maximize their assets. Do you know your top talents and how to use them to advance company’s goals?
  1. Cultivate a sense of curiosity. According to Harvard Business Review, curiosity is as important as intelligence and can lead to exciting outcomes. How can you become more deliberate about leveraging leadership opportunities within your organization? Start by volunteering to lead a project in your unit. Ask more questions and get to know colleagues in departments other than your own. If your company has a career website like Amadeus’, visit the site often to stay updated on opportunities. Another idea is to compare notes with others who perform your role at different company locations. Learn about how different business units interconnect across your organization. Once you’ve learned all you can, continue to Step 3.
  1. Utilize your company’s formal and informal networks. At Amadeus, we offer numerous networking opportunities to help employees pursue their career goals. A first step is to dialog with your supervisor about ways to expand your scope within your team, department or location. Consider contributing to a cross-functional work team or project. Become a regular contributor to your company’s blog. Another idea is to identify a mentor who can answer questions and offer career guidance. You can also reach out to an HR representative to identify online training, educational courses, job exchanges or other options to help boost your knowledge and skills.
  1. Make daily deposits. In my opinion, this is the most important step of all. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People emphasizes the wisdom of making daily “deposits” – actions we can all take to enhance our personal and professional standing, such as treating co-workers and clients with kindness and respect, making and keeping our promises, and so on. Fostering these simple habits will naturally lead you to become a better person at work, home, anywhere. As a vital contributor, which “deposits” can you make today to help your department achieve a current goal?
  1. The most important step: Pay your tuition. Starting a new job is like when you first started college or university. At MyNewJob.com, you now have access to different types of experts. You can take courses and trainings that will move you and your team closer to your goals. The biggest difference between your alma mater and this new “college?” You are now being paid to attend the University of MyNewJob.com. This university makes one demand of you: Pay your tuition every day by being GREAT at your job.

In summary, by cultivating greater levels of self-confidence, curiosity and commitment – and by paying back your tuition daily, you’ll naturally become a more vital team player, contributor and leader. When it comes to climbing the ladder of success and achieving your dream career, it all starts with you

To learn more, visit Amadeus’ career website. Connect with Currivan Alouidor on LinkedIn.

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