Amadeus Learning Universe heads to the big stage

Learning is a part of the Amadeus DNA. More than just providing travel professionals with our solutions, we want to empower them to maximize our products and improve their selling opportunities.

The Learning Services team is pleased to present our vision and the story of our learning platform, Amadeus Learning Universe, at two industry conferences this month: the Liferay Symposium in New Orleans and DevLearn in Las Vegas.  The invitation is a result of the relationship we developed with the vendor, Valamis, as we worked closely together on the design of a new learning experience, which we launched in the Americas in June 2018 and are launching in the rest of the world starting mid-2019.

We are excited by the opportunity to promote the Amadeus Learning brand to a wider audience to evangelize Amadeus as an innovator in learning and to share our vision of the digital transformation of learning.

During our ‘case study’ session, we’ll tell the story of our Amadeus Learning Universe project and emphasize a few things we considered critical to our success:

Evangelize a vision that provides value to the business.

We’ll talk about our “Learning Matters” campaign and how it helped us gain support for our project. Our data shows that new customers who completed our recommended learning path surpassed their sales goals (146%) within the first six months on the Amadeus system. We will also share our plans for modernizing our learning platform to best serve the modern learner, and our vision of one global platform to share learning content created around the world.

Build relationships with the vendor and internal teams.

We had a common vision with the vendor and built an open and honest relationship over the time that we worked together to develop functionality that we needed. We had workshops in Nice, France, with both the vendor and the internal teams, lots of meetings, and overall worked as one team. And yes, dinners in France with good French wine certainly helped!

Work in an agile way.

Jump in and get started. We focused on launching with the minimum required functionality, learned so much along the way, and now have a learning platform with learning content already being shared globally. Most important, we have the foundation to evolve into a truly modern and personalized learning experience.


  1. I did enjoy reading this article. An open and honest relationship it is very important. It is the base of professional trust and progress
    Good job and lots of success !

  2. Excellent article. Thank you both for sharing our vision of learning during these major conferences. Well done!
    So what’s next ? Ted talks ? 🙂

  3. As a long time employee I am so proud of how Learning has evolved at Amadeus! What a team and an amazing article! Many of us only see the finished product and have no idea the effort and hard work that go into making a dream a reality! Thanks Becky and Mary!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. A lot of hard work on the part of many Amadeus teams in different regions went into this. Thanks for recognizing that. It’s an honor for us to represent everyone.

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