4 ways Amadeus is helping airlines soar in the Americas

Peak performance coach Michael Altshuler has said, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” As I mark my one-year anniversary leading Amadeus’ airlines group in the Americas, this quote sums up well our team’s mission: to help “pilot” our airline customers’ success by enabling their business strategy with our technology solutions.

Some of the world’s largest and most innovative airlines make their home in the Americas, and Amadeus is a key technology partner to many of them. Now more than ever, airlines are looking for ways to transform how they operate and do business. To help them address increasing challenges, Amadeus offers best-in-class technology, partnership, collaboration and leadership to enable airlines to create memorable journeys.

Here are four ways Amadeus is helping airlines in the Americas to achieve their business goals:

1. Best-in-class technology solutions. Amadeus’ offer to airlines reflects the industry’s ever-changing dynamics. Our cloud-enabled Passenger Service System (PSS) provides the ideal foundation for strategic growth, offering airlines the flexibility, scalability and richer functionality they need. Importantly, and beyond PSS functionality, the new Digital Platform and Offer and Order Management capabilities will provide airlines with end-to-end retailing capabilities across all touchpoints. At Amadeus we are proud of our technology and track record in delivering industry-transforming initiatives, and understand our airline customers need to partner with a reliable provider that will enable a seamless, risk-free transformation to new industry models.

2. Long-lasting partnerships. Amadeus is privileged to partner with many of the region’s biggest airline players. Milestones include Southwest Airlines’ transition to Amadeus Altéa in 2017, and Air Canada’s agreement to fully implement the Amadeus Altéa Suite next year. The recent addition of Aeromar to the Altéa family points to the Avianca Group’s trust in our ability to help them enhance the customer experience, improve profitability, and boost operational performance. In addition, LATAM and Hawaiian Airlines have adopted the Amadeus Altéa Departure Control Flight Management solution to improve productivity, automate load planning, and optimize fuel consumption. In addition to the strength of our solutions, our strong culture around community, partnership, diversity and customer focus, and most of all, our people, are also key drivers for success.

3. Collaboration is critical. Airlines in this region are embracing IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC), where Amadeus is taking a leading role, partnering with major carriers and travel sellers to drive adoption of the NDC standard to offer a more personalized customer offer and make it work across the travel ecosystem. Indeed we think of NDC as a first step in a journey to much greater digitalization of the industry, laying out the foundation for us to build much more sophisticated retailing systems that will truly enhance the travel experience. And we are already investing significantly in a new generation offer and order management system, which will multiply the expected benefits of NDC today.



4. Best professionals. Last but by no means least, this year we have significantly grown our Airlines team to offer more local, dedicated resources to our clients. Our leadership has also expanded with the recent additions of experienced leaders from the global travel technology industry:

Gaelle Bristiel, who leads our strong, dedicated team of R&D professionals and the investments we’re making in the region to advance innovation and development for our clients.
Mike Douglass, senior VP of IT Sales, Airlines in North America. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry to our already strong team in North America to continue adding value to our growing customer base.

Creating a bright future

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Amadeus. It’s about doing things differently, at scale, in a way that delivers significant value to our customers both short- and long-term. We are continually evolving to help our customers adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. By focusing on building a culture of collaboration with our customers, employees, developers, startups and partners, we are excited about unlocking new innovation.

Looking to 2019 and beyond, I see a bright future for airlines with digitization, data and analytics powering solutions and enabling a smooth transition to a retailing world for our airline customers. We also look forward to deploying our NDC-enabled solutions.

Across the Americas and around the globe, Amadeus has many reasons to celebrate our shared success with airline clients. Like any industry, we have many challenges ahead of us. But Amadeus is defined by our ability to successfully drive the industry through these challenges, and I am excited about our ability to continue to build stronger partnerships, collaborate for positive change, and create more shared success stories in the Americas.


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