An idea is worth a dime, unless you take action!


That’s exactly what I did these past two days – took action! As you know, Amadeus is no stranger to hackathons. We believe they fuel innovation and help foster a culture of experimentation. And in this age of evolution, it’s exciting to see new ideas emerge within Amadeus and throughout the travel industry.

This past week, we were at it again! An internal hackathon was organized at our Waltham, MA office, and I loved the experience of participating in it. For starters, it was an extravaganza of energy, passion and innovation. What I absolutely love about Amadeus’ hackathons (this was my third!), is the kind of domain knowledge that every participant brings to it. The ideas are not just B2C as you generally see in other hackathons, but real-world problems that our customers need solved.

Seven out of 15 ideas were preselected from ideation sessions that were held a week before the hackathon. Based on people’s skill sets and their preferences, we formed well-balanced teams of four to five people each. The ideas ranged across various themes from personalization to social networks to the Internet of Things (IoT). The judges rated in four categories: uniqueness, technical achievement, business viability and delivery. Everyone in that room was there with one goal – to change the future of travel.

Our colleagues from Salt Lake City and Dallas also flew in to be a part of this amazing experience. It was great to network with them and others from different teams that I hadn’t met before. Some of our colleagues from the customer unit were also present in both capacities – as participants as well as judges. It was an opportunity for us to collaborate on innovation and how best to improve the customer and end-traveler experience. Stay tuned to see how we implement the winning ideas in our customer solutions!

How do you make sure your creative ideas don’t end up in a coin jar?


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  1. Awesome article Akshit!
    Also, thank you for your tremendous help on the logistics, the coordination and the communication during the three weeks of preparation leading to this cool internal event!

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