4 ways to build your cruise business selling Destination X

Did you know that nearly a quarter of travelers say they lack time in-destination to plan their experiences? What’s more, according to the Amadeus whitepaper, “Get ready for Destination X,” 10% say they don’t get sufficient guidance from their travel agency or air/hotel supplier.

Fortunately, this “dilemma” creates a win-win opportunity for both cruisers and their travel advisors. By adding side trips and tours plus ground transportation, travelers get to experience exciting new sights and sounds in port, and travel advisors benefit by earning valuable commissions while expanding their customers’ horizons!

Here are four ways to add value to your business by extending cruise vacations from ship to shore:

  1. Earn commissions on side trips. On-board amenities like specialty dining, fitness classes and top-notch entertainment satisfy a great majority of cruisers. Yet many seek additional experiences at destination. While many cruise lines offer shore excursions, only a few pay travel agent commissions. Therefore, travel advisors can turn to companies like Shore Excursion Group that offer comparable side trips and pay travel agent commissions. The company also offers agency-branded marketing programs showcasing ancillary trips, so travel agents can focus more on selling.
  1. Amplify your brand. Making necessary improvements to your online and offline presence is a great way to boost repeat business and attract new cruisers. For example, Vacations to Go is an Amadeus travel agency that does a great job matching cruisers with tailored itineraries that fit their specific needs. The company’s extensive, searchable website is available 24/7, with experienced traveler advisors on call to guide travelers to the perfect cruise destination.
  1. Know more, sell more. To immerse themselves in local cultures in port, savvy travel advisors understand the benefit of FAM (Familiarization) trip itinerary education. As a result, their first-hand knowledge and experience positions them as destination experts who truly understand and can meet their customers’ specific needs and requirements.
  1. Book, earn selling ground transportation. Amadeus Transfers provides access to more than 5,000 providers around the world, offering an extensive array of options like chauffeur-driven taxis, limos, shuttles, private jets – even boats and ferries coming soon! Sales are commissionable, and Amadeus honors the same rates and conditions you’ve negotiated with other providers.

On land and sea, sell Destination X today

Travel advisors can book thousands of options with Amadeus Total Cruise in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect; non-GDS travel agencies can also book via our non-air platform. Amadeus Transfers enables small-to-medium-size retail travel agencies, consolidators, tour operators, networks and online startups to sell ground transportation options through our one-stop search platform.

For more information, visit Amadeus.com or contact your Amadeus representative. Or call 1-888-AMADEUS (US), 1-888-611-5554 (Canada), or email salesinquiries@amadeus.com.


  1. Nice article, the in port services are not only an additional way to generate income, but they benefit several local tourism and boost the port cities economy.

  2. Interesting read. Four great advantages highlighted for agys to grow their business and give them that extra edge so often needed today. The competition is stiff and knowledge is power. I will share this with my customers.

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