How Amadeus solutions are helping 3 airlines “stand tall”

Last week the nation’s fifth largest carrier, Alaska Airlines, signed an unprecedented agreement with Amadeus, making us the airline’s chosen long-term revenue management partner. This is significant because it means Alaska Airlines is the first non-Altea carrier – and the largest globally – to implement the Amadeus Revenue Management solution.

Alaska Airlines joins a long list of carriers that rely on Amadeus to drive business growth, improve processes, and optimize revenue. Here’s a closer look at three Americas-based carriers that are leveraging Amadeus solutions to power their business success and integrate seamlessly with their current technology providers.

Better revenue management at Alaska Airlines

Running a customer-centric and profitable operation is paramount to Alaska Airlines’ success. According to Forbes, the carrier ranked among the nation’s top five highest quality airlines in 2019. After recently completing its integration with Virgin America, Alaska Airlines reached a critical stage where it needed to further optimize revenue across its expanding multi-hub network.

By implementing Amadeus Revenue Management, the carrier is better positioned to understand and address the changing needs of its 46 million passengers taking 40,000+ flights annually. Specifically, Amadeus Revenue Management enables Alaska Airlines to maintain profitability while giving travelers what they crave most: personalization and inspiration, sub-second response times to search, secure payments, great pricing deals, multi-channel consistency, notifications and more.

Flight management improves Latam operations

In the aviation world, optimizing fuel consumption and maximizing operational performance are two “weighty” requirements for every airline. In layman’s terms, this means airlines must “get it right” when it comes to ensuring proper weight and balance on every aircraft. Safety is a primary factor, with cost savings and efficiencies playing key roles.

In May 2018, Latam Airlines selected Amadeus technology to automate its load planning functions and optimize fuel consumption. By automating the group’s flight management processes, the Amadeus Altéa Departure Control Flight Management solution helps Latam Airlines increase productivity and operational efficiency. Our platform automatically analyzes an aircraft’s passenger and cargo load to determine optimal load distribution – and calculates the quantity of fuel required before every flight departure. Flight management is a complex and crucial responsibility, and we are glad Latam Airlines put their trust in Amadeus’ industry-leading flight management technology.

Hawaiian Airlines boosts efficiency and productivity

Amadeus Altéa Departure Control Flight Management is also helping Hawaiian Airlines achieve its growth targets for 2018-2020. The Honolulu-based carrier began deploying our flight management solution this year to streamline operations, increase cargo capacity, reduce fuel burn, and improve productivity.

As a result, Amadeus technology is enabling Hawaiian Airlines load planners to spend more time preparing for challenging flights to manage payload. Thanks to the sharing of real-time information between reservation and aircraft systems, the airline is experiencing fewer delays, which means more personalized, Hawaiian-style customer service – and more “Mahalos” from happy travelers.

Standalone solutions deliver win-win results

These three examples underscore Amadeus’ mounting capabilities to offer large carriers platform-based, non-Altea solutions integrating seamlessly with another passenger service system (PSS). As more airlines adopt these cost-saving technologies, the entire industry stands to benefit.

In today’s evolving landscape, airlines understand that innovation is essential for the ecosystem to thrive and grow. And as other suppliers fail to keep pace with outdated TPF mainframe technology, the Amadeus Airlines Platform is filling the gap with leading technology that is simple, agile and open. This technology is particularly useful because it gives third parties the ability to develop solutions on top of our solutions. Amadeus’ targeted investment in critical technology reinforces our commitment to address key customer challenges and enable their success and growth.

Amadeus doubles down

At Amadeus, we are passionate about our customers’ success. For over 30 years, we have developed leading-edge technology in partnership with the travel industry, doubling down to deliver innovations that facilitate better journeys for all. Our partnership with Alaska Airlines, Latam Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines exemplifies our “passion in action,” and reinforces our commitment to help airlines “stand tall” as we shape the future of travel together.


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