Holy Robotics! Meet Amanda, our new virtual assistant

It’s love at first byte! This week, Amadeus welcomed our newest “staff member” to the Americas customer support team. Her name is Amanda, a virtual assistant who’s on call 24/7, ready to handle any “how to” question our customers pose via Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Friendly, polite and brimming with knowledge, Amanda assists customers across the Americas by providing answers to their questions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Although Amanda is new to the Americas, she’s no stranger to our global organization. For the past year, she has been conversing with travel agents in 80+ countries across Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. On an average day, Amanda answers more than 1,000 questions from travel agents, approximately 120 conversations per hour.

How our “botship” began

Through in-depth analysis of our call center data, we discovered that 88% of the customer questions we received were simple requests; and of those requests, nearly three-fourths were recurring “how to” questions with quick, easy answers. Based on the data, we determined we could make the process of getting those answers to our customers a whole lot quicker and easier.

As a result, we “hired”! Her job description is simple: To chat with our customers in real-time and answer their Amadeus questions. She’s free of charge to all Amadeus travel agencies, dynamic enough to answer a range of questions, and is connected 24/7. Amanda allows us to provide useful tips and immediate assistance day and night, so that Amadeus travel agents don’t have to pick up the phone mid-booking if they´re stuck.

According to Roxana Lascentre from Sunny Tours in Argentina, Amanda is so fast that in the time it takes to write her question in the chat window, Amanda is already posting her answer. “Amanda helps us with simple questions, anytime, without having to contact the help desk by phone,” says Roxana.

Being open, dynamic, and connected is part of Amadeus’ wider vision to create a Live Travel Space for our customers so they can access the expertise and technology they need to be successful – including chatbots! So the next time an Amadeus question threatens to keep you awake at night, sleep tight – and don’t let the bedbots bite! Amanda, our virtual chatbot, is on-call 24/7!

 Find Amanda in the chat window at the bottom right-hand side of your Amadeus Selling Platform Connect screen, and learn more about her capabilities here.


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