How you can get a piece of the tours & activities pie

Did you know the leisure packaged travel industry in the US has been growing steadily since 2017? According to a Phocuswright study, packaged travel grew 3% year-over-year, a huge jump from 1% in 2016. This trend is in line with the travel industry as a whole and is expected to continue in the years ahead.

Although online travel agency bundles are growing, travel agencies still have a large piece of the “distribution” pie. So do you have the right tools to satisfy the growing demand of personalized packages and complex itineraries? Do you have the insight on where the next hottest destination is, and do you have access to the most popular inventories?

Content is still king

Amadeus recently added Apple Leisure Group brands into our content providers’ portfolio, such as Apple Vacations, Southwest Vacations and Travel Impressions. Our partnership with VAX and Soft Voyage has enabled us to access and offer the most sought-after tour operator and consolidator content in the US and Canada.

One platform for all your booking needs

For the US and Canadian markets, we offer Amadeus Tours, the most convenient booking platform for your leisure booking needs. The platform offers an intuitive UI and streamlined booking flow to help you find and offer the most relevant and least expensive deal. It comes with an analytical dashboard giving you an idea which destinations and packages are in high demand. And if you’re an Amadeus Selling Platform Connect user, the packages you book on Amadeus Tours will be automatically transferred to the platform, reducing the time to copy information manually.

Book & earn

For every booking, you can earn anywhere between 8%-15% in commission. In addition, activities booked from suppliers, such as Viator, via Amadeus Tours also earn you commission.

Selling is easy as 1-2-3

Amadeus Tours can be accessed via Amadeus Selling Platform Connect or via your preferred web browser. It only takes a short time to set up and start booking. Don’t sit back and watch the market grow; be part of the trend and grow your leisure package business!

For more information, contact your Amadeus representative. Or call 1-888-AMADEUS (US), 1-888-611-5554 (Canada), or email



  1. Good insight on how our agencies can stay competitive and reap the rewards of this growing market. Thanks, Cathy!

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