3 ways Amadeus Ticket Changer helps us get it right

Our company, UNIGLOBE Travel Designers, is a minority, women-owned, full-service travel management company (TMC) with over 40 years’ experience in corporate, leisure and entertainment travel. We serve clients across the United States and our motto has always been, “The customer is always right – even when they are wrong.”

Since 2012, we’ve been using Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC), an automated suite of products that helps us reprice, reissue and refund tickets in a flash. Here are three ways ATC is helping us “get it right” with our customers:

  1. ATC helps us service bookings faster and better

Did you know that 70% of a TMC’s value lies in our ability to professionally service a booking, i.e. handle cancellations, exchanges and refunds? Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue addresses this need by dramatically cutting down the time required to process exchanges and refunds. Thanks to Amadeus Ticket Changer, our 16 travel consultants work more efficiently, which frees them up to focus more on selling and attending to clients’ needs.

  1. ATC offers freedom from annoying ADMs

As every TMC knows, agency debit memos (ADM) from the airlines can be irritating and costly (the average agency debit memo costs $289). Amadeus Ticket Changer’s automated processing has helped us significantly reduce debit memos caused by exchanges being issued incorrectly when processed manually.

  1. Everyone wins with ATC

Servicing customers excellently is what everyone at our agency lives and breathes. If it weren’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be in business today. We are proud to have two GPO (group purchasing organization) contracts that we publicly bid on and won, covering education, healthcare and government entities.

As Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” He may have been referring to the movies or theme parks, yet his words definitely ring true when it comes to keeping customers satisfied and loyal. We’re glad Amadeus Ticket Changer helps us do just that!

Editor’s note: Uniglobe Travel Designers has two locations in Columbus, OH and Peachtree City, just outside Atlanta.


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