Amadeus Global Geeks unite

What do 14 countries, 20 locations, 9 time zones, 50 animators and 498 technologists have in common? Two things: Amadeus and technology!

On September 26-27, 166 global technology teams from Bangalore to Boston, and Sydney to Salt Lake, participated in the fifth annual “Unleash the Geek,” a company-sponsored event that unites Amadeus technologists who share a passion for gaming and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

The event was open to all members of the global Amadeus engineering community with the goal of reinforcing our commitment to innovation. These Amadeus professionals represent the future of our company and the travel technology industry as a whole.

“The CodinGame yearly event is yet another example of how Amadeus provides the environment for engineers to collaborate to both work hard and play hard,” says Karen Fultz, Director, R&D Business Operations and Planning.

I coordinated the effort in our Amadeus R&D center in Waltham, Massachusetts, where we had 12 gamers vying for the grand prize! The event was based on the principles of CodinGame, a technology program like a video game but where code is the controller. It drives engineers to step up their coding game, improve their individual and collaborative programming skills, all while having fun in a competitive play environment.

Throughout the event, gamers used their preferred programming language (20+ options to choose from) to solve a coding puzzle. The goal for each team was to solve the puzzle and continuously improve their AI throughout the event by advancing through three league levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Teams competed amongst each other via simulcast with the best AI scenario being revealed at the end of the two-day event. The winning teams hailed from our France and Germany offices, with honorable mentions in our Boston, Atlanta, Ottawa and Salt Lake City offices.

“As a first-time player, I didn’t know what to expect, so I was a bit hesitant,” says James Sims, Software Engineer. “But WOW that was fun! Whether you’re an expert programmer or a not-at-all programmer… if you like strategizing and solving problems… join a team and play! It’s a blast!”

And because innovation is what thrives our technology community, Unleash the Geek 2019 will expand to gamers outside of Amadeus. On October 4, developers across the globe will have a chance to continue to put their coding skills to the test.

Let the games continue!


Click here to view more photos from Unleash the Geek.



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