Customer service in the digital age

Shannon is a millennial travel agency manager who’s always on the go, constantly on her mobile phone, and quite dependent on online resources to do her job. Today, Shannon has a customer issue she needs to solve immediately: She can’t remember how to request an ancillary service for a special meal, and she must provide the answer ASAP. Unfortunately for Shannon, the only thing that comes to mind is a famous Beatles tune:

Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone

3 ways to get assistance fast

What Shannon needs is an intuitive system with all the right services, notifications and guidance located in one place, so she won’t have to toggle back-and-forth between multiple support sites. Here are three things Shannon can do today to get the help she needs in Amadeus:

  1. Check with Amanda, our virtual assistant on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, who’s always on call to give advice.
  2. Ask her question via the Amadeus Live Travel Community, where peers provide tips on how to address the issue.
  3. Access Amadeus Learning Universe from her phone or tablet, and watch a 4-minute video explaining how to make a Special Service Request (SSR).

If Shannon needs further help choosing the right approach, a new structured support flow will soon be available that provides additional guidance and recommends the best course of action. And finally, if Shannon does not find her solution online, she can contact an Amadeus Help Desk agent for further assistance.

Evolving the way you get help

Through a large-scale digital transformation taking place across our company, the Travel Channels Customer Service teams are implementing a full range of connected, personalized services powered by Amadeus Service Hub. Our goal is to empower you with a rich digital ecosystem that offers a seamless online experience, accessible anytime, anywhere. Transformations include:

  • Automated answers to predictable, easy, “how-to” questions using self-service and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Personalized services that deliver relevant content and assistance based on your specific needs
  • Customer service experts on-hand to concentrate on complex cases and deliver value-added services

This transformation is currently underway in North America, and we’re excited about the benefits travel professionals like you and Shannon will experience: Better, faster access to the information, knowledge and resources you need, so you can serve your customers promptly, professionally and efficiently. And the best part of all? You won’t need to whistle that Beatles tune for “Help” at work ever again!


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