6 reasons we’re grateful

Like mashed potatoes and gravy, thankfulness and appreciation go hand in hand – and Amadeus has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Along with turkey and trimmings on the table this year, here are six reasons we’ll be giving thanks for another year of leadership in the travel technology industry.

  1. Our roadmap is on course

Amadeus saw positive growth in the first nine months of the year with double-digit growth in revenue, EBITDA and adjusted profit, an increase of 11.9% compared to the same period last year. This positive performance was driven by the healthy evolution of our diversification strategy – particularly Hospitality – and the resilience of our core segments, Distribution and IT.

  1. We took a big bodacious bow

In September, Amadeus was honored to win The Beat Readers’ Choice award for Most Admired Travel Technology Company. This is the first time Amadeus won this award, unseating a seven-year incumbent. Achieving this accolade is proof that our vision, strategy and relationships continue to resonate with our customers, partners and colleagues across the industry.

  1. Soaring to the stratosphere

This year we moved our core shopping experience to the public cloud to drive more speed, resilience and efficiency. After a technical marathon that began 10+ years ago, we were the first in the industry to shut down all our mainframes. Now running 100 percent on open systems, Amadeus is boosting innovation for our customers and developing new products and features much quicker – no more waiting on cumbersome coding!

  1. Future-forward systems

Through the Amadeus Travel Platform, we continue to lead in evolving the value of our systems. Our travel platform brings airline, hotel, alternative lodging, rail, ground transportation and in-destination content all together in one place, providing a one-stop travel retailing shop. Similar and substantial changes are also happening in the airline IT business with the introduction of our simple, agile and open Amadeus Airline Platform.

  1. Guiding the way through NDC-X

Amadeus NDC-X is our dedicated program designed to help our customers adopt NDC and ensure success for every industry player. We continued to progress NDC with global customers like American Express Global Business Travel and American Airlines that have completed NDC live travel bookings, Travix which is now offering NDC content in several countries, and the launch of Amadeus’ new API with NDC capabilities.

  1. People who make the difference

Business guru Patrick Lencioni writes, “Engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal employees are pivotal drivers of growth and health in any organization.” At Amadeus, people are our heartbeat! Globally we are 19,000 strong, with over 145 nationalities, serving customers in more than 190 countries. And in North America, we are thankful for our 2,827 employees who represent 75 nationalities across 12 locations. They make a positive difference with our customers each and every day. Watch the Amadeus family share what they’re grateful for!

The gratitude grows

Looking to the future, Amadeus continues to evolve our business to ensure that our customers remain competitive, stay one step ahead of their competitors, and serve their customers more fully. We are thankful for every achievement – including our ongoing mission to shape the future of travel. No other company in the world invests in travel technology the way Amadeus does, and for that, we are very grateful!

What do you appreciate most in your business?



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