Simple, personal & proactive: introducing our new support experience

Can you remember a really positive support experience? It might have been your broadband provider managing to help you install a new wireless router, or perhaps your local car shop managed to fix your car and have it back to you before that long weekend drive. Now how about an unsatisfactory support experience?

I was using a photo editing software recently in my spare time and needed some help. I went online first to find any support documents but the search function didn’t return clear or helpful answers online. So I made a call to a friend who’s a professional photographer but he couldn’t help with this issue. Then I checked the company’s forum for anyone else suffering my issue, but that didn’t help either as it was a problem with the latest version of the software. Finally, after three separate calls to the support team and several chat sessions I did resolve my problem but it was far from a positive experience.

To those of us working in support, this is exactly the type of situation we aspire to avoid. So when we at Amadeus support received ‘mixed’ feedback from some of our customers, we knew we had work to do.

“Quick support is essential for us to do business today”

“Logging a case can be a nightmare and it’s hard to assign it to a specific topic”

These are just a couple of the comments we gathered from our travel agency customers during the last 12 months. It was clear there was an opportunity to improve the support experience we offer to our customers, and three areas kept coming up again and again:

  • Our customers want support to be as easy as possible
  • They want the experience to be a two-way exchange
  • And much like me, they really wanted help tailored to their specific issue.

We listened and today I’m proud to introduce our new digital support experience, designed from the ground up to deliver what our customers value most from Amadeus support.


In my own photo editing example, the support process wasn’t clearly defined and I had to look in various locations to find the solution. With our new digital support flow we seek to avoid this by capturing each user query upfront and then providing all support resources in one place.

After describing the issue, the search bar now pre-populates with possible problems so the issue is quickly and accurately categorized – this is really important as it helps with tailored responses throughout the resolution. Then, a set of personalized support resources are displayed so you don’t need to look in multiple places. And finally we present our full range of onward support options (case logging, call, chat and the Amadeus Live Travel Community).


Just like many of the products, the new support experience is underpinned by personalization. Customers now provide the context for each issue upfront and we can deliver tailored search results from our complete range of resources. If customers need phone support, we already understand the problem they face so we can be more helpful.

Staying true to these three core values has resulted in some very positive feedback from customers that have been piloting the new experience:

“Categorization and the dropdown list make search so much easier!”

“The new support flow is quicker, and the help desk knows who we are when we call!”

 The new support experience is part of Amadeus’ own digital transformation, which includes new tools like Amanda, our chatbot.


 Now, from the Amadeus Service Hub home page, our customers can see at a glance all known ongoing critical incidents and even subscribe to get notifications on the status of known incidents – that’s the level of proactive and interactive support we’re able to deliver following our digital transformation.

We want to put our customers in control and we’ve introduced measures like additional logic so support resource recommendations are based on what’s been most helpful previously for others as well as empowering our customers to choose the support option that’s right for them.


If you’d like to know more about our simple three step support process, watch this video. If you’re an Amadeus customer, why not try the new support flow? Click on the ‘GET SUPPORT’ button in Amadeus Service Hub to get started and tell us what you think.



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