The NDC effect: Amadeus helps travel providers and startups drive innovation

There’s a lot of chatter about exactly what New Distribution Capability (NDC) is, and how it’s currently impacting different aspects of the travel industry. It’s a standardized XML language that simplifies the shopping flow across all channels in real time. It has potential to boost revenues by giving airlines and travel providers new ways to deliver more tailored content, while simultaneously giving travel sellers new ways to access it.

Focus on growing your business while we handle the rest

Recently, I participated in the Travel Is Your Business podcast with my colleague Jay Richmond, Head of Managed Travel for Amadeus in North America, and John Matson, Co-founder and Managing Director of VoyagerHQ. We discussed how new challenges, such as NDC, will open the door for new solutions and what that would look like for the industry and travelers.

Through the Amadeus NDC [X] program, we strive to make NDC work for all travel players. We take a-test-and-learn approach – co-creating with our airline and travel seller customers – to help deliver better capabilities that meet business requirements.

Nurturing startups as they navigate NDC

NDC is also creating opportunity for startups. Amadeus works to understand what each startup is trying to do and whom they’re serving, to help them grow and become successful. Programs and solutions such as Amadeus for Startups and the Amadeus Travel Platform make it easier for startups to quickly access and scale the technology and solutions they need.

Amadeus is poised to facilitate NDC for distributors and startups, creating an innovative path that leads to more options for travelers and more revenue for the travel industry. It’s exciting to consider what possibilities this new standard will create.


Want to learn more about how Amadeus is bridging the gap between NDC and travel sellers? Listen to this episode of the Travel is Your Business podcast.


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