Amanda wins the popular vote with Amadeus customers

Chatbot Amanda has been a very busy bot since coming to North America last August. Over the past three months, her popularity has grown so much that on a daily basis, 40 customers in the US chat with her, and another 15 Canadians can’t go a day without connecting with their favorite AI assistant!

What are they chatting about?

Everything from how to create a PNR (Passenger Name Record) to pricing, to SSRs (Special Service Requests) and TSTs (Transitional Stored Tickets). What’s more, a few inquisitive customers have even attempted to get to know Amanda personally! Here’s a quick look at what she’s been doing these past few months.

Conversations with travel pros in Canada

  • 1,500 – Average number of monthly interactions
  • 600 – Average number of monthly chats
  • 880 – Total number of users, 15 of whom interact daily
  • 1:19 – Average time per session

Top 5 topics in Canada

  1. How to make an SSR?
  2. How can I enter the TSA Secure Flight information (DOCS) on the PNR?
  3. How do I price a PNR with the cheapest fare available?
  4. What are the different pricing options available?
  5. How to see a TST?

American travel agents connect with Amanda

  • 3,400 – Average number of monthly interactions
  • 1,400 – Average number of monthly chats
  • 3,590 – Total number of users. Two-thirds converse in English; the others in Spanish. Forty of these users speak with Amanda on a daily basis!
  • 1:02 – Average time per session

Top 5 topics

  1. How do I create a PNR?
  2. How to retrieve and display a PNR?
  3. How can I enter the TSA Secure Flight information (DOCS) on the PNR?
  4. How do I enter the DOCO information?
  5. How to make an SSR?

Amanda, will you be my BFF?

Last May, our research showed that 5% of all interactions between Amanda and Amadeus customers were personal in nature, such as, “How old are you?” or “Do you have a boyfriend?” Most recently, customers in the Americas posted these messages: “Got kids?” and “Let’s go out for a drink!” Always the professional, Amanda knows how to stay on-topic and focus on helping Amadeus travel agents get the answers they need to do their jobs better.

Around the globe, Amanda continues to learn new languages, help more customers in more markets, and prepare for integration into Amadeus Service Hub  (our customer service portal) and other Amadeus solutions. Three Amadeus customers in North America summed it up best when they posted these recent comments: “Love you.” “Just would like to say thank you.” “[You] are very helpful.”

We happen to agree! If you’d like to see what Amanda can do, meet her today in the chat window at the bottom right-hand side of your screen of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. She’s available 24/7 – and promises to be the BFF bot you can always count on for the answers you need.

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