5 game-changers that will shape the future of travel

Every day, people make decisions that change the course of history, and the travel industry is no exception. From the Wright Brothers’ world-famous 1903 flight to Tesla’s SpaceX launch 100 years later, game-changing ideas continue to spark innovation, ignite our vision, and illuminate the future.

Amadeus recently invited travel leaders from across the Americas – along with our CEO, Luis Maroto – to share the game-changing ideas they believe will transform our industry and shape the future of travel. Their simple (yet profound) answers may surprise you!



1. Create seamless travel for all

Amadeus President and CEO Luis Maroto says a pivotal game changer that will propel our industry forward is a united focus on facilitating seamless travel. “Amadeus empowers travel providers to offer travelers precisely what they want, when they want it, and at every step of their trip. [It’s about bringing] together the entire industry, providers, intermediaries and sellers to give people more ideas, more options and more control over their journeys.”

  1. Adapt to new changes

Founded 45 years ago, Grupo Flytour is one of Brazil’s largest travel and tourism companies. In 2015 Flytour joined Gapnet Group, solidifying the company’s market leadership. According to CEO Christiano Oliveira, a huge game changer for Flytour – and any travel company – is having the ability and agility to adapt to new changes.

  1. Cultivate innovation and curiosity

After years of experiencing the pitfalls of business travel, in 2015 Ariel Cohen and Ilan Twig created TripActions, a technology-enabled TMC that combines data science, user-focused design and world-class service to elevate the business travel experience. According to Simone Maillard, Head of Content Strategy, the best way to prepare for a game-changing future is to be adaptable, keep an open mind, and embrace new ideas regardless of how outrageous they may seem. Maillard says that since change is inevitable, the travel industry must prepare for a game-changing future by embracing this mindset.

  1. Support travel pros with top technology

Transat is Canada’s leading retail distributor of holiday travel. Founded in 1987, the company is also one of the world’s largest international tour operators with 500 outlets. According to Anthony Mormina, National Director of Business Travel, a critical game changer requires preserving the travel agent profession with leading technology. Mormina says technology is the enabler that helps travel professionals differentiate and showcase the value they bring to every consumer trip.

  1. Collaborate and synergize

To summarize, Marcelo Capdevila, Director of Grupo GEA in Argentina, agrees that to create a game-changing future, travel leaders must collaborate through partnerships, synergies and strategies that help the entire industry grow stronger and more resilient.


What game-changing ideas will create a more connected future for travelers?

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  1. Change seems to be the common thread. As we all know change can be scary and painful but necessary. And according to these industry pundits, it is the key to success. Great article!!

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