Travel agents are alive… and booking!

Contrary to popular misconceptions about my 24-to-39 age group (it’s been said we’re tethered to our phones, lack aspiration, and expect a trophy for everything), I was pleasantly surprised to learn that MMGY’s annual study, 2019-2020 Portrait of American Travelers, says Millennials – more than any other generation – are tapping travel agents to book their trips over popular online booking sites.

The study reports that 24 percent of Millennials plan to use a travel counselor when planning at least one vacation over the next two years, whereas only 16 percent of Baby Boomers and 15 percent of Gen-Xers said the same.

Years ago, media headlines decried the death of the travel agent when in reality, their professional value has only grown. Travel agents are thriving in today’s high-tech era, aided by cutting-edge technology like Amadeus’ to help them provide game-changing services to their customers. Check out this video where Anthony Mormina of Transat underscores why the travel profession has never been more vital.

Here are 3 reasons why working with a travel agent “works” for Millennials like me:

  1. We’re booked and busy. Our lives are notoriously jam-packed with commitments: work, friends and family, social activities and community outreach. With the overwhelming abundance of information online, “cutting through the clutter” poses quite a time challenge. A travel expert knows the ins and outs of destinations, options and traveler types, offering indispensable insights and expertise I simply don’t have the bandwidth to know myself.
  2.  We’re skeptics at heart. Millennials, also known as Generation Y – or Why – gained this moniker because we tend to question everything rather than accept face value. Our long history of “growing up” on the internet has taught us to be wary of online scams. Tried-and-true travel professionals deliver the tools, tips, experience and peace of mind we require – not to mention a “Plan B” if things don’t turn out as expected.
  3. We can’t afford costly mistakes. When I travel, it’s imperative that my hard-earned vacation dollars are well-spent – and my photos Instagram-worthy! And from my experience, some of the best travel agents will save you money by passing on great deals and promotions. Additionally, you can trust a reputable travel counselor to steer you in the right direction when it comes to personal safety and duty of care.

As an avid, card-carrying Millennial traveler, I truly appreciate the inspiring travel-related resources, social platforms and communities I find online. I love the fact that unlimited options and ideas are just a click away. All of this is fantastic for looking, but when it comes to booking my next vacation, I’ll be choosing a travel professional who understands me – and offers the personalized attention I demand: no trophy required!


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